UPDATE: December 1st
There are 4 places remaining on the course...
When you make your payment, please include your name so I can put you into the class register. Also please send an email including the following information:
Your name (for my records)
Your preferred name (for the classes)
Your date of birth
Your time of birth
Where you were born
This information will be used to prepare charts for the group to work with and to set up your class forum account
Remember, you must feel free to email me with any queries.

It is reasonable to ask, why should you study with me, rather than another teacher? Of course there are many accomplished astrologers in the world, plenty of whom offer tuition, and anyone would benefit from their wisdom and experience.

I have a unique view of astrology. To some extent this is true for all astrologers who bring their own perspectives to bear upon the exposition of their craft, however, it is my belief that the method I utilise in my work is not found anywhere else.

That is not to say that the information is not 'out there', it certainly is, but it is through a combination of an historical approach to astrology with a contemporary, evolutionary perspective that the core of my method lies. In this sense, I truly believe that you cannot learn my method anywhere else at this time, since it is entirely of my devising and came about as a result of many, many hours of dedicated study and research.

It is for this reason that I am certain that this course will improve your astrology skill enormously, and your confidence as an astrologer cannot help but grow as a result.

I have received over the years, vast quantities of feedback for the work I have done for clients, and I have never, since the day I went into my work full-time, been in a position where I haven't had several clients in my work queue. That fact speaks for itself as testimony for the methods I use and its value to the people whom I work for. The amount of work I do is limited only by the time I am able to devote to it. I could not have the confidence in approaching such a quantity of astrology work if I did not have complete confidence in the method.

I guarantee that it will work for you too.

Thank you for your interest in joining the inaugural class of my astrology school. This is a major undertaking for me and since it is the first class, I imagine it will be an unforgettable and hopefully enlightening experience for all involved! I will be using this page to keep everyone updated about the progress of the course over the coming days and weeks before its launch in early 2013. The exact date is yet to be confirmed and is dependent upon when the places are full and the course is fully prepared for publication.

The earliest start date for the course will be February 1st 2013, so if you need time to find the course fee, you can make a deposit payment of 20% now to ensure that your place is guaranteed when the class begins.

If you are ready, please either:

make a payment of £180 for the full course, or:
make a payment of £36, as a non-returnable deposit, to reserve your place. All payments must be completed by January 31st 2013.
Payment options
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Ideally, you will require a copy of Ebertin's CSI before the course begins. Whilst it's not absolutely necessary to have one, it will be helpful because we can use his judgment of the energies of combinations to facilitate our own insights. The book is available from a few places, although it is not as easy to find as it once was. If you can't get a copy, don't worry, we will be able to share the relevant information from the book as it is employed.

There is also a spiritual and philosophical position from which the course operates. What this means is that the process of understanding the method is not entirely mechanical and you might therefore struggle with some of the perspectives that I teach if you are sceptical about there being a spiritual basis for living. This is not to say that I believe these perspectives to be offensive or even especially challenging, however, the basis for all astrological work, and indeed all of life is, in my view, unwavering personal integrity and a commitment to the support and positive flourishing of those who are likewise supportive and kind. To be kind is the underpinning philosophy of my approach to astrology and it helps to be in sympathy with that approach.

The course will also cover aspects of Orcus and Ixion. You are not required to have read my book on Orcus, because you will learn the key tenets through the course. If you have read it, so much the better.

During the course I will also make reference to the concept of a 'level of consciousness'. This is a measure of the soul's refinement and is discussed in detail in the work of Dr David Hawkins. Once again, you do not need to be familiar with Dr Hawkins' theories but if you are then you are in a good position. If you would like to read up in advance, then try Power vs. Force, which you can acquire via Amazon US or Amazon UK.

I will provide all other course materials, you will need your own astrology software, or access to some, and an Internet connection for email and the class forum.

The course will take about ten weeks to complete, and you should be able to devote four or five hours a week to your study during that time. Of this, one hour will be spent on the lesson, and the remainder of the time in practising the techniques on your own astrology, the charts of case studies and other students.

If you have any questions, no matter how seemingly trivial, then email me.


If you wish to email me directly, my address is jeremy@astrologyhour.com

Disclaimer: My sole motivation in providing this service is to help people with their life challenges, and to raise the consciousness of the people with whom I commit to work. My approach is therefore necessarily focused on spiritual aspects of the nativity, which is, in my view a map of your soul’s spiritual domain and legacy. I deal with relationship, career, health and fulfilment issues, but the slant and perspective of my work is of a spiritual nature. If you don’t believe in the Divine or the existence of the human soul, then you may well be better off learning from another astrologer.

Deo, non fortuna...